What I Stand for is What I Stand On

So many people talk about “Farm to Table,” seasonal ingredients and “eating local.” Sourcing ingredients from local farms and farmer’s markets is one good way to stand behind the philosophy. Taking it even further is helping these farmers protect the family land they’ve been farming for decades so they can afford to continue their life’s work while also providing us with the fresh local produce we love to eat.  And that’s what The Land Trust works to do. [One of many ways and reasons we conserve Tennessee land.]

As Wendell Berry said, “What I stand for is what I stand on.”

Last week we celebrated our second annual Eat Green for Tennessee event, where 26 Nashville restaurants are pledged a percentage of their day’s sales to us.  Why?  Just because they support what we do and care about our communities, the importance of the local agricultural economy and the food it produces. On an even bigger level, they are putting their money where their mouth is by supporting us and our work protecting these natural landscapes that sustain us. Not only through the financial donation, but by helping us spread the word about land conservation.

We are honored and actually quite overwhelmed with the excitement, enthusiasm and support all these restaurants and the entire community showed for this event and what we do. We think we can all agree that it’s important to return the support by going back to these wonderful small businesses even beyond September 17.

Here is a list of the caring, community- minded restaurants to support with your business: EGT 2014 Restaurant Info
and a photo album showing the people that made this day so fun and successful.

[You’ll want to go to them anyways, since they are the most critically-acclaimed, best spots in town!]

Eat-Green-Tennessee-2014-Participants (1)

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