Sharayah Winkler

Director of Member Relations

[sha-RAY-ah] Sharayah, Director of Member Relations, joined us in March of 2015 and keeps us connected to all of the generous donors who choose to support our mission of protecting the historic and natural landscapes across Tennessee.

Raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Sharayah went on to spend nine years in Victoria, Australia, a pivotal time in her life where she began to find a deeper appreciation for nature and our individual roles in its preservation. She completed a Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, having spent her final three years overseas as an Internal Auditor with Cotton On Group.

After visiting Tennessee almost three years ago, she fell in love with its natural and cultural environments, realizing how much she truly missed the American South all of these years. She then moved to Tennessee, bringing her Aussie husband, Jonathan, along for the ride. The Land Trust was lucky enough to scoop her up right away.

In her spare time, Sharayah and Jonathan are avid sports fans, particularly of football and Australian Rules football. Her other great loves are traveling to experience various cultures and local landmarks, eateries, and all things coffee.

What do I love most about my job?
I love that what I do today will make a positive impact for the people of Tennessee and its visitors for years to come. To work in partnership with those who have a passion for preserving what makes our home unique is an exciting and humbling opportunity!

EMAIL SHARAYAH about making a gift, planned giving, and keeping in touch with The Land Trust.

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