Save Public Land


Tennessee is growing at a rates that top the nation. As population and development grows, we are losing critical public land that supports the health, economy, emotional spirit and culture of Tennessee communities.


The Land Trust works with communities to protect critical land and water resources, striving for a balance between growth and conservation. We must protect our scenic places to hike, bike, fish, relax and breathe deeply… before it’s too late.

When The Land Trust for Tennessee started in 1999, our primary focus was on working with private landowners to protect their family land using conservation easements as our main conservation tool. Over the years we realized the critical need to expand our roster to include protecting public places integral to environmental impact and community wellbeing.

How we protect public land:

We work with like-minded partners to protect public land using a variety of tools. These include creating open space plans and facilitating and negotiating land purchases with the help of community fundraising efforts. We also hold conservation easements on parks owned by a city or nonprofit organization.

How you can help us save land:

Together, through community-based conservation, we work to protect these special places for future generations. Through generous donations, grants and support from foundations, The Land Trust’s work is possible. Our shared vision of land conservation is the driving spirit behind The Land Trust for Tennessee. We can’t do it alone.

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Some of our public projects: