Sarah O’Rear

Director of Stewardship

Sarah O’Rear is our Director of Stewardship, overseeing the 300+ conservation easements on land totaling more than 100,000 acres across the state. Sarah manages all stewardship activities including annual monitoring, reviewing and approving activity requests, and communicating with landowners about their conservation easement.

Sarah graduated from The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, with a B.S. in natural resources. Like many Sewanee grads, she’s spunky, smart as a whip, and committed to the preservation of unique natural and historic sites in the Southeast. She previously worked for the Kentucky Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, where she supported a wide range of projects, including drafting and monitoring conservation easements. Her education and experience have taken her from Belize to North Carolina.

Sarah spends her free time living it up in the outdoors-loving town of Chattanooga. She and her husband, Brandon, enjoy spending time with their large families. Sarah is a hands-on mom who loves hiking, going to Lookouts games and concerts, and eating Mexican food at least three times weekly with Brandon and their baby daughter Isla (pronounced EYE-LA). She has a travel bug that keeps her searching for the next great adventure.

What do you love about your job? “I feel fortunate that I get to see so many parts of my home state that I would normally never have the opportunity or excuse to see otherwise. But the best part is the amazing stories and experiences we hear from our landowners, it makes you realize how important your work is and how land shapes people’s lives.”

EMAIL SARAH if you are a landowner with a question about your conservation easement.

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