How It Works

You know your land. We know Tennessee Land Conservation.
Let’s work together.

Here are the 10 basic steps of protecting your land.

For more detailed + technical information about each step, please download a Landowner Information Packet to address all your questions.

Step 1.  You and a Land Trust representative take a tour of your property, then discuss your conservation goals and address conservation options.

Step 2.  You consult with your family and legal and tax advisors. We consult with our staff and Board of Directors. We all make a decision to move forward.

Step 3.  The Land Trust evaluates the land for existing conservation values and present condition of the land and prepares a “baseline report.”

Step 4.  You provide property history and title information. We work together with you and your advisors on the legal aspects of the conservation easement.

 Step 5.  Together we negotiate the restrictions and draft the easement  with individual respect to your needs and the conservation needs of the land. No two easements are alike, just like no two pieces of land are the same.

Step 6.  If you are pursuing tax benefits, you obtain a qualified appraisal to value the conservation easement as a charitable donation, and thus what the tax benefits may be to you and your family.

Step 7.  The Land Trust for Tennessee Board of Directors is asked for formal acceptance of the conservation easement.

Step 8.  We both sign and record the easement.

Step 9.  You retain the right to live on, work, farm, hunt, fish, restrict access and pass down your land with the conservation easement in place.

Step 10.  The Land Trust for Tennessee provides stewardship of the conservation easement by making annual visits to the land.

If you would like to discuss your land or have questions, we’d love to speak with you. Send us your questions and comments below…


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