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Home To Us: Six Stories Of Saving The Land

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There is no better way to connect with the true meaning of protecting your land. Meet the inspiring people who’ve done it.

In order to promote, illustrate and celebrate the critical work of land conservationists, award-winning photographer Nancy Rhoda, writer Varina Willse, and prominent editor John Egerton teamed to create a rare kind of book that will appeal to anyone who cares about land.

Home To Us: Six Stories of Saving the Land offers six in-depth portraits of families who have made the decision to protect their land.  Ultimately, it is a tapestry of stories—woven beautifully through interlacing words and images—that explores the timeless and essential connection between people and the physical environments they call home.

The fundamental question driving this work is, Why do certain people decide to protect their land? The initial answer is that these people believe that there is nothing more valuable, not for their children and grandchildren nor for the nation as a whole. They choose their legacy to be in the form of hills that please the eye, soil that yields food and grasses that nourish wildlife.

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