Benefits of Land Conservation

Conserving our natural resources and open spaces is essential for protecting our clean water and air and places to hunt, fish and play.

For You and The Community

  • ECONOMIC + HEALTH BENEFITS FOR ALL: Open spaces increase exercise and improve community health, enhance overall quality of life and emotional wellbeing, attract businesses to our communities and increase the value of our property.
  • PROTECTION OF OUR WAY OF LIFE + THE BEAUTY OF TENNESSEE: Conservation Easements encourage private landowners to voluntarily protect valuable land that provides our sense of place, unique heritage and scenic landscapes of our beautiful state.
  • COST EFFICIENT: Conservation agreements provide the public benefits at a fraction of the cost of an outright purchase of lands for conservation.

For Landowners

  • Helps protect land for future generations.
  • Peace of mind that the land’s special features will be protected forever.
  • You can still own, live on, recreate, farm, sell and pass on the land while keeping it protected.
  • You may be eligible for financial benefits, including a federal income tax deduction. A conservation easement may also help lower estate and property taxes.

Learn more about the benefits of land conservation

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