Protect Your Land

Perhaps you want to keep historic family lands in tact, protect your working farm that produces food for the state, or keep the land you love part of the natural landscape that makes up the beautiful state of Tennessee. Whatever your goal, The Land Trust for Tennessee can help you achieve it.

By protecting private property for public good, private landowners play an important part in preserving Tennessee’s natural heritage for future generations. Voluntary conservation agreements, known as conservation easements, protect working farms and other family lands for future generations to use and enjoy.

Conservation easements respect private property rights while protecting the public lands that are part of Tennessee’s natural heritage. And they give individuals a choice about how best to conserve clean water, natural areas and traditional ways of life that are important to them.

The Land Trust for Tennessee can help protect land in other ways, too. Working with partners — both public and private — we purchase (or assist in purchasing) properties that will go into public use, such as state or local park systems. We also accept donations of land, which can be an appealing option for landowners without heirs or who simply would like to be relieved of the responsibility of managing and caring for land in the future.

No matter how you work with us, protecting your land brings benefits to all Tennesseans. Voluntary conservation agreements keep land on the tax rolls, preserving revenue for local schools and providing cost-effective, non-regulatory conservation. Protected lands can also produce food and improve our drinking water. Finally, open spaces create a better community in which to live, work and play, improving overall health, bringing more business to the area and increasing the value of our homes.

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