Lehew Farm (Noble Springs Dairy)

Noble Springs Dairy is a Grade A Goat Dairy and Artisanal Goat Cheese located on a farm owned by Calvin and Marilyn Lehew. This sprawling dairy farm is nestled in the rolling hills which include several valleys and natural springs  just 6 miles from downtown Franklin, TN.

Dustin & Justyne Noble, the owners of Noble Springs Dairy, lease the land from the Lehews who worked with us to protect their land using a conservation easement. The Lehews were looking for someone who would use their land in a sustainable way that benefits the community (Marilyn also just happened to love goats!). Fates aligned and the Nobles and Lehews crossed paths…Noble Springs Dairy was born.

Every drop of milk that goes into their products is derived from the natural forages that the goats enjoy on our farm. The cheeses have distinct flavor that is due to the unlimited pasture grazing and special care the animals receive on the farm.

Every animal on our farm has a name, a personality and a place in the family.

A Dutch cheese maker helped the couple turn hobby cheese making into a commercial business that now produces a product synonymous with creamy and delicious, and is sold in Whole Foods, local groceries, restaurants and markets across the state.


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