Joe and Barbara Haynes Protect their Land and Family History

Joe and Barbara Haynes Porch 2015The Land Trust for Tennessee partnered with respected former Tennessee senator Joe Haynes and his wife Barbara, a spirited former judge, to protect their historic, fifty-three acre working farm in Sumner County.

When the Hayes retired, they opted to use their retirement funds to restore the home that’s been in the family for generations.  The couple’s family all agreed to protect their land, so that the property containing the home where both Joe and his father were born and where the grandchildren could roam the land as their grandfathers did…would be protected from encroaching development. The large tree was planted the day that Joe was born, and will live on for generations to come.

Originally 238 acres, the Haynes have owned the property since Joe’s grandfather purchased it in 1890 as a land grant to the family after the Revolutionary War, qualifying the property for Century Farm status. It’s now one of few remaining undeveloped farmland parcels that adjoins Old Hickory Lake. The home’s lengthy past is on display in the collected items the family has saved over the years— from farm tools to the original coal-burning stove to arrow heads. Joe believes the abundant Native American artifacts he’s found are a clue to the historic allure of the fresh water spring that converges on his land.

Check out this beautiful historic home:




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