Hands On Nashville Volunteers Support Glen Leven Farm with Plantings and Pathways

The Land Trust for Tennessee’s Glen Leven Farm has a new flower bed and improved access through the property thanks to the hard work of our nonprofit partners at Hands On Nashville and about 50 volunteers from International Association of Venue Managers. On Sunday, August 6, an energetic group of volunteers visiting Nashville for an annual conference lent their helping hands to our ongoing efforts to enhance Glen Leven Farm.

Wildflower Planting:

To begin the morning, a group of volunteers completed a wildflower planting project on the property, tending soil, spreading seeds and adding mulch to what will someday be a thriving wildflower patch.

Planting native wildflowers will not only add more beauty to the landscape, it will improve the environmental quality at the farm. That’s because native wildflowers increase biodiversity and provide a more robust stock of forage for wild and domestic pollinators, like honey bees and butterflies. When fully grown, they also provide additional cover and forage for other local wildlife.

Leading up to the wildflower planting, The Land Trust staff completed the initial stages of preparation for the beds. In the photos above you can see the solarization of the soil in process. By covering the areas with plastic, we were able to stop the growth of grass on the surface and the seed bank and roots buried within the soil. This process creates a stale seed bed that is ideal for planting.

This wildflower project was also made possible through the Bayer Feed a Bee Pollinator grant program, which was announced earlier this summer.

We hope you will stop by to see see the new area during our 2017 National Honey Bee Day celebration at Glen Leven Farm on Aug. 19 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Access Project:

Another group of volunteers set to work on smoothing and mulching an area near the wildflower plantings that will improve access to sites on Glen Leven Farm well-suited for future conservation projects. By the end of the project, all hands were on deck to complete a section of the work!

Thank you to Hands On Nashville and each of the IAVM volunteers for creating a lasting legacy at Glen Leven Farm.

Please note: Glen Leven Farm is not regularly open to the public. Please join us Aug. 19 for our next community open day celebrating National Honey Bee Day!

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