Governor Haslam awards $600K for Mountain Goat Trail in Tracy City

Celebrating a Milestone in the Mountain Goat Trail Construction
Land Trust Director of Conservation Programs + Mountain Goat Trail Board Member Chris Roberts joins Governor Haslam, other board members, Tracy City officials and supporters

JULY 14, 2014- Governor Bill Haslam presented the Mayor and City Council of Tracy City with a TDOT grant award of over $603,000 for construction of the Mountain Goat Trail.

Mountain Goat Trail Alliance (MGTA) board president, Janice Thomas, said, “The Mountain Goat Trail Alliance is honored to have been asked by the Town of Tracy City to collaborate on this grant proposal. Our thanks to Governor Haslam for coming here to recognize the value of the Trail to Tracy City, Grundy County, and the whole South Cumberland Plateau.”

The project will create s a 10’ wide asphalt trail beginning at Tracy City Elementary School and following the rail bed into downtown Tracy City to Altamont Street (Highway 41/150). The project will turn north and follow Altamont Street across Laurel and Colyar Streets and end at Nathurst Street, from which point future projects will reconnect it to the railbed.  The project will also provide pedestrian and bicyclist enhancements to the historic downtown business district, including a multimodal path and trail head parking.

“Enhancing transportation options and connections between areas in Grundy County will increase pedestrian and visitor traffic to businesses and recreation areas,” Governor Haslam said. “Tennessee’s downtowns are the heart of our communities, and improvements like these improve our cities’ and towns’ livability and the quality of life for residents.”

The transportation alternative grant is made possible through a federally funded program formerly known as transportation enhancement, and is administered by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

MGT ridersThe Land Trust  helped work with TDOT, MGTA, and Tracy City to get the grant re-approved. We also worked with several of the landowners in Tracy City to get permission to build the Mountain Goat Trail through their properties. Together with MGTA, we partnered to purchase specific tracts of  land to build critical portions connecting  the trail (“The Worrell Project”- Phase I and Phase II).

For more information on the Worrell Project and trail construction please contact us.

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