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Group Tours

Group tours of Glen Leven Farm are available by appointment and focus on the site’s history, environmental resources and agricultural uses. These guided tours include access to the 1857 Greek Revival home; walks through the arboretum, education garden and The Hermitage Hotel’s heirloom vegetable garden; and a visit to the pastures to see the heritage-breed cattle and rotational grazing system.

Group tours can also be customized to focus on one particular topic or area of the property upon request. Topics include architectural history, agriculture, trees, gardening, Civil War history, beekeeping, livestock grazing, historic preservation and more.

Please allow 90 minutes for all tours.

Group Tour Introductory Rates

  • $15.00 per guest
  • 15-count group minimum

 With Table Set-Up for Lunch/Meeting (2 hours):

  • $23.00 per guest*
  • 15-count group minimum
* If your group would like to bring boxed lunches to enjoy or host a meeting on the home’s back gallery porch or even inside the house, we have tables, chairs and tablecloths available to accommodate groups up to 25 people.

Please note: The Land Trust for Tennessee’s Glen Leven Farm is no longer available for wedding rentals. Thank you.

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