Why Give?

Conservation for the Community

We are not anti-development, we want to balance growth by protecting open natural green space for Tennessee communities.

  • ECONOMIC + HEALTH BENEFITS FOR ALL. Open spaces increase exercise and improve community health, enhance overall quality of life and emotional wellbeing, attract businesses to our communities and increase the value of our property.
  • PROTECTION OF OUR WAY OF LIFE + THE BEAUTY OF TENNESSEE. Conservation Easements encourage private landowners to voluntarily protect valuable land that makes up the history, unique heritage and scenic landscapes of our beautiful state.
  • COST EFFICIENT CONSERVATION. Conservation agreements provide the public benefits at a fraction of the cost of an outright purchase of lands for conservation.

IMPACT FACT: Working and open lands require only $0.41 in public services for every $1 in local taxes. Residential development requires $1.14 for every $1.

Here are a few resources to learn more about the benefits of land conservation…

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