Give Land

Are you interesting in donating your land?

The Land Trust for Tennessee accepts outright gifts of land in qualifying circumstances. This can be an ideal option in certain circumstances because this donation:

  • Releases you from the responsibility of owning and managing the land;
  • May provide you with significant income tax deductions;
  • Reduces the estate tax burden on your heirs;
  • May enable you and your family to avoid the capital gains taxes you’d face if you sold the property yourself; and
  • Gives you the peace of mind to know your land is protected future generations.

We accept donations of two types of land:

  • LAND WITH SPECIAL CONSERVATION FEATURES: This refers to special pieces of land that donors wish to be protected forever. Most donors of land wish to have a say in how the land will be used or managed in the future, so we encourage you to meet with us and discuss your goals.
  • LAND THAT DOESN’T HAVE CONSERVATION VALUE or “TRADE LANDS”: This would include commercial buildings, condos, urban properties or other structures that would be donated to The Land Trust for Tennessee. We would then sell or trade the property to help fund our conservation work. You can even designate the area of our work that you would like the sale of your property to fund.

With both types of land, you can take a charitable deduction to the full fair market value of the gift.

For more information about making a gift of land:

Click here or call us at (615) 244-LAND.

For more information about conserving your land while retaining ownership, click here to learn about other land conservation options.


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