Crumpton Creek + The Jennings Family Farm

This was our first donated conservation easement in the County and was made possible with support from The Dan and Margaret Maddox Charitable Fund, The Tennessee Department of Agriculture and the Bonnaroo Works Fund.

While A.C. Jennings has ensured his beloved home and fields of corn, wheat and soybeans are protected, the domino effect reaches far and wide.

This picturesque land stretches out over 275 acres between Manchester and Tullahoma, and backs up to the breathtaking Rutledge Falls, a spectacular natural waterfall commonly highlighted as a point of interest in Tennessee vacation guides. The property hosts diverse wildlife habitat and has over a mile and a half of frontage along Crumpton Creek. This creek is the primary headwater source for Normandy Lake, a 17 mile reservoir of the Upper Duck River essential to the community for drinking water, irrigation, recreation and economic prosperity.

Mr. Jennings has been the steward of this land all his life, and he chose The Land Trust for Tennessee as a partner to see that his family’s vision is carried into the future.

“My grandfather passed this land down to my father and I am the last generation committed to safeguarding this land. It would please my grandfather to know we are still doing our part to keep agriculture thriving.  I want this farm growing crops and the trees still standing for the Rutledge Falls community. This land is our legacy,” Jennings says.

Thankfully this land will never be developed, allowing the many natural and cultural resources to remain as they are for the coming generations.





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