Corn Property

Blue Eyed Mary, Illustration by Lindsey Kernodle

Jack Corn, an award-winning photographer with work displayed at the National Archives and Vanderbilt’s Special Collections, recently signed a conservation easement with The Land Trust for Tennessee, preserving his family’s beautiful wildflower hollow for generations to come.

The Corns have identified over 100 species of wildflower on their 60 acres of land in Sumner County. The 10 acres of the rare and endangered Blue-Eyed Mary puts this property on the State of Tennessee Wildflower Map. To celebrate the conservation easement, Jack often leads groups of The Land Trust’s extended family on special hikes to marvel at the beauty of the spring blooms.

This marked the seventh piece of property we have protected in Sumner County; we now have eight properties totaling 1,521 acres. This effort has been supported by individuals, The Memorial Foundation and The Frist Foundation.

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