Adding Mileage to The Cumberland Trail

We have all heard about the Appalachian Trail, stretching impressively from Northern tip of Georgia to the middle of Maine. But soon, Tennesseans will have their own impressive stretch of trail to call their own as a part of The Great Eastern Trail, a project currently underway to connect 1,600 miles of trails from Alabama to New York. The Cumberland Trail Conference (CTC) hopes to complete over 300 miles of trail in Tennessee, gracefully meandering along the Cumberland ridge to offer spectacular views as well as a wide variety of rock and water formations. The project is overseen by the CTC, though the various bits and pieces of trail are being secured by a host of non-profits, private corporations, foundations, and individuals, including our very own Land Trust for Tennessee.

The Land Trust has recently acquired two critical parcels of land for the CTC, the Houston property in Rhea County, and the Waldens Reserve property in Cumberland County. The Houston property’s 113 acres features beautiful Buzzard Point, offering a spectacular view of the Cumberland Valley below. The Waldens Reserve property is a thin sliver of land stretching 7 miles and linking Ozone Falls State Natural Area to the Cumberland Trail Black. This Waldens Reserve portion will connect the longest remaining gap in the Cumberland Trail system to date, marking a significant gain for the CTC. The Land Trust worked in conjunction with TDEC (Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation) to purchase the land for the CTC. [PHOTO: Rock Shelter Hike by Eric Dempsey]

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