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Rolling farmland. Historic landscapes. Scenic trails. Natural habitats. They’re all part of the fabric of our state.

Accreditation SealAn accredited, statewide nonprofit 501(c)(3) founded in 1999, the people of Land Trust for Tennessee are driven to protect public and private land to benefit all Tennesseans now and for generations to come. We know that if we don’t conserve our irreplaceable landscapes, we will never get them back.

Our work focuses on:

ltt-icon-04Historic Land– Conserving historic land protects the important context of places, structures and sites and provides educational opportunities for people today and future generations.

ltt-icon-03Farmland– About 40% of Tennessee’s acreage is farmland. Conserving farmland supports a major industry in Tennessee and preserves landscapes that distinguish our state.

ltt-icon-01Recreational/Scenic Landscapes– Conserving our natural resources and open spaces is essential for protecting our clean water, air and places to hunt, fish and play. Outdoor recreation and open natural space are vital to the physical and emotional health of the community.

ltt-icon-06Water Protection –  Land bordering our rivers, lakes and streams filters pollution before it reaches our drinking water.

ltt-icon-05Urban Open Space – Protecting and creating open space in urban areas enhance the quality of life, public health and foster a sense of place.

ltt-icon-02Wildlife Habitat – Protecting these areas holds significant value for the endangered and rare species they support. It is especially important as Tennessee is one of the most biodiverse states in the country.


Our work often involves the donation of conservation easements, which empower landowners to continue to own their land while placing limits on its development.

We also purchase or accept donations of land to be protected. We work with communities and partner organizations to develop strategic conservation plans and to raise funds for land protection. And we serve as stewards of protected lands, ensuring that conservation agreements are respected.

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Balancing Growth with Conservation:

Although The Land Trust for Tennessee conserves land across Tennessee, we’re not an anti-development organization. We simply believe in balancing growth by protecting lands for the environmental, aesthetic and economic benefit of Tennessee, making it a better place to live, work and play.

Our tool box includes:

Conservation Easements
Land purchases with community partners

Donations of Land
Stewardship of protected lands

How does this affect you?

The Land Trust for Tennessee protects land for you and your family to have places to bike, hike, fish, farm, play, relax, be healthy and breathe deeply… forever.

How You Can Support The Land Trust for Tennessee:

Generous donations, gifts of land and the tireless work of our volunteers all play critical roles in achieving our mission. Thank you for your support.

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