The Land Trust for Tennessee Surpasses 100,000 Acres Protected since 1999!

On December 30, 2015, the last project closed right before the end of the year…and it was one for the books

We toast to the 16 years of hard work to reach a significant milestone, as we CELEBRATE the protection of OVER 100,000 acres of open Tennessee land since 1999. Cross out the “nearly 100,000”! We have officially passed it by!

READ FULL Community Report 2016  or  CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to enlarge the conservation map.


  • 27,000+ acres open to the public for recreation through 35 projects
  • 35,000+ acres of significant forested habitat through 75 Projects
  • 8,000+ acres of lands with historical significance:
    • 20 Century Farms [100 years of farming within the same family]
    • 16 projects with documented Civil War sites
    • 12 projects with critical Native American History
  • 30,000+ acres consisting of 100 working farms
  • 175 miles of scenic public road frontage
  • 340+ miles of river and stream frontage
  • 16,000+ acres of prime agricultural soils
  • 300 individual projects in 57 counties

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