Luke Iverson

Conservation GIS Manager

Luke Iverson joined The Land Trust at the end of 2013, and supports our conservation work with his mapping expertise. 

Luke is originally from a small town west of Chicago, but spent a great deal of time growing up on a ranch in Montana. His adventures clomping around under the big blue sky and under the influential peace of the land gave Luke a love for nature, agriculture, and open spaces. Luke’s understanding and appreciation of developed urban space and parallel desire to protect our natural rural landscapes is the essential spirit of The Land Trust.
Luke got his Bachelor’s of Arts in Philosophy from Belmont University and has since worked for Skyhook Cattle Co. in Montana and a digital marketing firm. He’s a renaissance man who rounds out his roster as a musician playing keyboards, mandolin, violin, guitar, banjo, bass, and drums for local Nashville acts.
You will find Luke hiking, camping, rock climbing or exploring a Tennessee state park. He enjoys spending time with his lovely wife Annie and their son Noah and pouring over any kind of map or local craft beer (ideally enjoying them all at the same time!).
What do you love most about your job? “I love working for the Land Trust because I know the work I do helps to ensure that there will still be natural, untouched open spaces for future generations, as well as for this generation!”
EMAIL LUKE if you have a questions about a project we are working on or all things mapping.

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