Double H Farms – The Hermitage Hotel’s Sustainable Farming Project:

Hermitage Hotel Heirloom Garden Glen Leven Farm partners with Double H Farms – The Hermitage Hotel’s Sustainable Farming Project. Jonathan Hawks, Executive Chef of Capitol Grille, and his team farm an heirloom garden at Glen Leven Farm. The Hermitage Hotel supports our organization through a visionary program whereby guests donate $3 per room night to The Land Trust for Tennessee for land conservation across the state and to support our education and outreach efforts at Glen Leven Farm. Through the guest giving program, The Hermitage Hotel has donated over $500,000 and protected land across our state equivalent to Warner Parks and Radnor Lake State Natural Area combined. For non-Nashvillians, it is an area four and a half times the size of New York’s Central Park.

Glen Leven shorthorn cattle:

GL cattle A herd of polled shorthorn cattle call Glen Leven home, owned by GL Shorthorns. There is a model of sustainable cattle grazing in practice. Cattle are rotated to fresh paddocks to allow vegetation in previously grazed pastures to regenerate. Cattle are excluded from waterways and thousands of trees have been planted along the creek to prevent erosion, improve water quality and develop healthy aquatic habitat.

The Honeybee Sanctuary

Managed and maintained by volunteer beekeeper Matt Slocum, The Honeybee Sanctuary is striving to be a model of Sustainable Biodynamic Beekeeping. There are currently 18 hives at Glen Leven Farm in various types of box styles: Warre, Horizontal Top Bar, Langstroth, and an Observation Hive in the Education Garden. Through this partnership, we are working to maintain the health and vitality of the honey bee, the land, and the community. Keep up with the Bee Sanctuary by following the Bee Blog: Also be on the lookout for when Glen Leven Farm Honey becomes available for sale.

Jackalope Brewing Company

BAILEY SPAULDING OF JACKALOPE BREWERY PLANTS HOPS Nashville-based Jackalope Brewing Company partners with Glen Leven Farm to produce locally-grown hops.  Owners Bailey Spaulding  (former Land Trust legal intern turned master brewer) and Robyn Virball plant, maintain  and monitor the hop teepees located at Glen Leven. The hops  were planted in 2013 and will mature in two to three years, allowing locals and tourists the chance to enjoy “Glen Leven” brew.