Gary Moore

Farmland Conservation Director

Gary Moore joined The Land Trust for Tennessee in 2013 as Land Protection Field Coordinator and has since been promoted to Farmland Conservation Director. An expert in all things Tennessee, Gary takes landowners through the conservation easement process from first visit to completion. He also travels throughout the state to spread the word about our organization with presentations to farmers, landowners, and business groups.

Before joining The Land Trust, Gary spent 37 years with the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, working on projects from the Mississippi River to the Smoky Mountains. He has a Bachelor’s in plant and soil science from Middle Tennessee State University. Gary’s decades of experience working with farmers and agriculture make him an integral spoke in the wheel of our organization, and gives him a wealth of experience and knowledge on the ground and out in the community.

Gary is a true country boy (and proud of it!) born and raised on a farm in College Grove in Williamson County. His family’s farm produced a wide variety of Tennessee products, including corn, wheat, lespedeza hay, dairy cattle, beef cattle, hogs, tobacco, and produce. Gary and his wife Martha, a registered nurse, married in 2012 and spend Saturday afternoons browsing through yard sales and meeting new friends or puttering around on the water with a fishing pole. The newlyweds have a combined family of four children living in Middle Tennessee.

What do you love most about your job? “I love being able to protect the lands and farms that I helped make productive for 37 years at The USDA. I work with new farmers and landowners and help them protect their valuable land for the future and forever. I feel like I am making a huge difference everyday in many small and big ways. I think this is my legacy, leaving my home state greener and preserving its beauty.”

EMAIL GARY if you want to protect your family farm or have any questions you want answered by a “true country boy.”

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